What is bone broth? 6 Amazing health bone broth benefits.

What is bone broth? 6 Amazing health bone broth benefits.


What is bone broth?

Basically, it’s almost a self-explanatory name. It’s just kind of the “stock” referred soup which is made from the bones and beef. That’s made out of when you know boil down or soak animal bones. Typically people do like or the animal carcass. You know beef, chicken even fish. That sort of thing but what happens is when you boil or soak the bones of these carcasses. You know the joints and like all the ligaments tuft and cartilage and everything like that a lot of the nutrients come out of the marrow and out of the cartilage and you end up. about: blank

Getting like a really amazing mix of very valuable amino acid collagen. Other minerals so there are a ton of nutrients in this bone broth. It’s actually probably the most efficient way to get all these nutrients. Just to drink a cup of bone broth and that’s why we can get more calories in our body. about blank

It’s really easy to mix and really good tasting. It’s got a nice savory herb flavor. So we’re coming out with that with truth nutria.

Let’s talk about some of the main key benefits of consuming bone broth on a regular basis.

1. Protects your joints

The first one is that consuming bone broth protects your joints. It’s actually really helpful because of the collagen and the gelatin. That’s in the bone broth as well as these amino acids. It’s pretty much the best source of natural collagen that you can get. That’s it’s actually because you’re consuming this collagen that’s coming from the bones of skin. The cartilage, the ligaments tendons in the marrow of these animals it’s going straight to those places for you in your own bones. It’s going to help strengthen your own bones and your own joints. now if you think that What is bone broth? then I hope you understand this.

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You know you’re gonna stop running into a lot of issues. That is associated with no kind of joint decline with age. There’s actually a study that showed that NCAA level athletes. When they supplemented with collagen-like this, over the course of 24 weeks. They had major significant improvements in reported joint comfort. Also, the decrease in the factors that negatively impaired athletic performance.

So if you can see that it does gonna really help athletes people. That is training really hard on their Joints day-in-day-out. It’ll definitely help people that are more average Joe’s like you.

2. Good for your gut

Now the second thing is that bone broth consumption is really good for your gut. It’s good for your gut lining. The benefit of bone broth also helps you in your body. If you look at the previous philosophy, you will see the there are many proponents to improve gut health.

That’s not at all. Glycine also helps your liver in your body. It is producing salts in the organ. The salt works as a transporter to decrease your harmful toxins. You can also study how glycine expenditures recover from alcohol-induced liver poisoning.

3. Help Skin Health

The third major benefit is that bone broth consumption is gonna help with your skin health. Again this comes down to the amount of collagen. In the glycine and the gelatin that is in the bone broth naturally. Inherently these things have all been found to help keep your skin very elastic. By keeping elastic skin, you get it you know into an area where you’re hot you have fewer wrinkles.

Your skin just looks tighter. It’s got more of a glow and then that’s one of the key factors of people attribute to signs of youth. It’s not unreasonable to assume. You will look younger and stay looking younger for longer. When you’re drinking consistently drinking bone broth. There’s actually a full-on double-blind placebo-controlled study.

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People consuming this collagen. women were aged 35 to 55 once a day for eight weeks. Basically, they found a significant improvement in the skin. elasticity skin moisture and trans epidermal. An improvement in how rough the skin. So the skin got softer over that period of time in the end. just a couple of weeks, there was a very significant improvement in that as well as skin moisture.

4. Boost Immune Function

The immune function benefits related to consuming bone broth. Again this comes down to the gut. So your immune system is pretty much seated in the gut. A lot of you know, an inflammatory response comes from the reaction of things. That your gut is reacting to it.

When people have symptoms of something like leaky gut for example. Where there are permeations in the window gut lining. That’s when it can cause a big inflammatory response. People have to develop autoimmune disorders. So when you’re consuming bone broth on a regular basis. You’re actually really helping to support your gut.

Make sure the gut lining is fully intact fully healthy. You’re gonna have fewer issues with your immune system.

5. Detoxification benefit

The fifth one is actually more of a detoxification benefit. This is through the production of a master antioxidant known as glutathione. Bone broth has a lot of potassium and glycine. Like I mentioned before and these things both are good for both cellular and liver detoxification.

They’ve also been found to help increase the amount of glutathione. In that’s produced by the body. This glutathione also really helps with the detoxification of heavy metals. In the body like mercury. lead It also really helps with keeping inflammation down. It helps to produce. You know even more antioxidants cleanse your liver in general.

So it’s a really essential thing to have a good glutathione level. the broth is gonna help with that.


6. Increasing metabolism and Increasing anabolism

The last benefit that we going to talk about today is the benefits of increasing metabolism and increasing anabolism. The collagen as well, where glycine especially from. This collagen from this bone broth actually promotes anabolic muscle growth. So especially if you’re training. Your weight training on a regular basis there was a study. This study was in 2004.

It found that you know the glutathione increase. The increase in glycine consumption had a very positive benefit on DNA and RNA. Protein synthesis and then also lowered cytokine production. which is an immune response in the body. It’s an inflammation response so imagine. This year you’re increasing your DNA and your protein synthesis. You’re also at the same time lowering the stress response to your body. You’re lowering this inflammation response your body’s gonna come back into a really good state of balance.


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